About Kanika
Known for her unique ability to connect with and captivate her audience with joy and elegance, Kanika is a talented Egpytian Style Belly Dancer with technical skills and cultural consideration. She was first introduced to this world of dance at age 8. Kanika began studying Middle Eastern dance under Amira Brashcer and Laila Agev. Her dance brings the beauty, spirit, and feel of Raqs Sharki and Baladi to the stage.  In 2006, she founded HipRageous, an Egyptian Belly Dance troupe based in Texas with the mission to include every woman in belly dance. The troupe aims to provide a performance outlet for the everyday woman. In 2008, she co-founded Zuleka--a Classical Egyptian troupe who's goal is to bring the vast cultural dances of Egypt to the stage.
Kanika is also an avid instructor of Middle Eastern Dance. She has developed instructional methods and curriculums suitable for various age groups--including the very young and gracefully senior. 
Kanika excels in Classic Egyptian, Modern Egyptian, and various Egyptian Folk Dances. Kanika has often been called the "dark skinned belly dancer" or "the belly dancer of color"--her unique look and unmistakable talent create an ideal combination. She has also been a student of Davidic and Israeli Folk Dance, Bollywood, Jazz, Ballet, and Musical Theatre. Kanika performs and teaches original choreographies, and believes that a dancer who can truly feel   the music can create real  beauty. Her specialty is the double veil and cane.
Kanika is now based in Manchester, UK.
07580 792 040